Protecting from Caregivers and Elder Abuse

It’s no secret that thousands of elderly abuse cases come from caregiving facilities and homes. It’s so easy for these caregivers to take advantage of the most vulnerable because they often don’t get caught. Many elderly are either unaware of elder abuse or simply don’t want to cause trouble for these people in positions of power, as they are the ones that ultimately suffer.The most common reasons are for financial gain. These caregivers could be stealing valuables, influencing/ threatening ...

Do You Need a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

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A nursing home abuse attorney knows that the physical and emotional abuse of older Americans in residential facilities is an epidemic that largely goes unrecognized. In fact, more than 30 percent of nursing homes inflict some form of abuse on their patients. Some studies show that more than 40 incidents of aggression can take place during a caretaker’s single shift.Too often, the abuse goes unreported by a victim due to fear of reprisal or other consequences. Abuse should never be ignored or...

The Key to Finding Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

nursing home abuse lawyers
Nursing home abuse lawyers are available for elderly Americans who have been victimized while under the care or supervision of health professionals. Abuse is a very serious matter that can have an enormous impact on the health and safety of the elderly.Victims sometimes feel defenseless and powerless when it comes to putting a stop to the abuse. But nursing home abuse lawyers are here to protect you and make sure you will be compensated for having your basic human rights violated.If you ...

Can You Spot Nursing Home Elder Abuse?

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Nursing home elder abuse is a problem more common that most Americans may think. Organizations have been created solely to help the victims of nursing home elder abuse, but numbers suggest the crimes committed against older Americans continue to rise. This page will shine the spotlight and raise awareness about nursing home elder abuse, and tell you what you can do if you or a loved one is the subject of abuse. Forms of Nursing Home Elder Abuse Unfortunately, nursing home elder abuse can be in...