Financial Elder Abuse Utah

Financial elder abuse is one of the three main types of mistreatment that occurs in the elderly community today. The state of Utah seeks to combat this atrocity by enacting stronger and more comprehensive legislation to ensure the safety of the elder community as a whole. Anyone suffering from financial elder abuse can contact the organizations and services listed below. Victims of elderly abuse need to keep in mind that Utah has your rights and well-being at heart and that the law is on your side. All you need to do to take action against the perpetrators of elderly abuse is contact the proper authorities.

Financial Elder Abuse Utah: Statistics

From 2010 to 2015, the number of elderly people living in Utah had increased by 100,000, a relatively short amount of time for such growth.

As a startling result, the number of people being financial abused have lost nearly 8 million dollars. This figure continues to increase and occurs annually in the state of Utah.

This is due to the rapid expansion of the elderly population and the technological advances which create more avenues in which people can trick the elderly out of their hard-earned money.

Financial Elder Abuse Utah: Laws and Regulations

The state of Utah has implemented mandatory reporting requirements to anyone that has seen indications of elderly abuse. Anyone found guilty of breaking this law could be fined up to $1000 and face up to 6 months of imprisonment.

Utah also has many attorneys and law firms that specialize in elder abuse law. Many of these law firms have experience dealing with financial elderly abuse as well.

Financial Elder Abuse Utah: Resources

For those suffering from any type of elder abuse, there are many organizations and laws in place to ensure the protection and financial security of the elderly population. Some of the best organizations to get into contact with for elder abuse are the Utah Adult Protective Services Utah Bureau of Health Facility Licensing, Certification, and Resident Assessment and the Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services. These organizations have the vast resources and experience necessary to help any individual overcome their abuse.


If you are a senior living in Utah and are currently suffering from financial or any other form of abuse, contact one of the organizations above on their toll-free numbers for assistance; know you are not alone in this struggle.