Financial Elder Abuse Oregon

Financial elder abuse in Oregon is something that is becoming a major problem in recent years. This issue is primarily due to the recent increase in elderly people, in general, population and the advancement of technology. These correlate to easier ways for total strangers and even family members to manipulate the elderly out of their money and property. This attributes to billions of dollars in loss across the United States each year.

Financial Elder Abuse Oregon: Types of Elder Abuse

There are actually a few types of abuse as defined by the state of Oregon, as well as every other state in the country.

  1. Financial is quickly becoming the most prevalent form of abuse. This pertains to any wrongful acts of taking money or property away from the elderly. The scary fact about this form of abuse is that it often goes unreported.
  2. Physical abuse pertains to any physical harm, other than accidental, that is directed against the elderly. This type of abuse is the least common according to multiple studies.
  3. Neglect is the most common form of abuse today. This is defined as any type of neglect that leads to the physical harm of the elderly. This usually occurs among people that have become mentally impaired and cannot sustain their own well-being without a caregiver.

Financial Elder Abuse Oregon: Statistics

In 2013, only three years later, the Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention Investigations released a statement that showed 35,000 cases of elder abuse. Among these cases, there were nearly a thousand incidents of financial elderly abuse.

The director of the state OAAPI office, Marie Cervantes, also reported in 2013 that an average of $24,000 per elderly person is lost. These are numbers are a shocking revelation.
Only one year later, in 2014, the numbers increased again to 38,000 cases of elder abuse. The numbers also reveal that the percentage of financial abuse cases is increasing as well. These cases are much harder to track and are often considered the “silent” type of abuse because, unlike physical abuse, the only people that can report it are the victim and the perpetrator.
Unfortunately, if the elder feels pressured or embarrassed about the financial abuse incident and does not come forward, the crime almost never gets reported.

Financial Elder Abuse Oregon: Resources

Elders that are faced with any form of abuse, even financial have plenty of options and resources that can be used to protect them from perpetrators. Contact Oregon Adult Protective Services, Oregon Division of Seniors and People with Disabilities, Oregon Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and Oregon Department of Justice External Web Site Policy for assistance.


Many elders do not take action against the perpetrators because of feelings of weakness or embarrassment. Please contact any of the above organizations if you have witnessed a case of elder abuse.