Financial Elder Abuse Mississippi

In the United States, there are an estimated 1.2 million elders being abused, either psychically, emotionally, or financially. This is not only a tragedy for older people but a financial burden for both the United Sates and the state of Michigan. Financial abuse equates to billions of dollars in loss over one year. Many elders are too afraid to speak out because the perpetrators of most financial abuse cases are the children of the individual. However, people suffering elder abuse in the state of Michigan can seek help through the various laws, statutes, and government appointed organizations that have been set up to handle these sensitive cases.

Financial Elder Abuse Mississippi: Statistics

The national average of elder abuse cases is roughly less than 10%, which comprise of abuse against people over the age of 60. However, Mississippi‘s population of elderly are estimated to be 516,129 people. The average number of elderly abuse reports received over the last few years is about 60,000. Mississippi’s elder abuse average is slightly larger than the national average.
The most alarming factor is that most cases of elderly abuse go unreported. Experts have estimated that the number of cases that go unreported is around 70%. The fact that Mississippi’s abuse reports are on the rise is frightening.

Financial Elder Abuse Mississippi: Laws and Regulations

The primary source of help and information is provided by the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The Mississippi Vulnerable Persons Act gives the MDHS the authority to conduct investigations after receiving reports of abuse.

The only thing that can prevent an elder receiving help is not speaking up. Unfortunately, this occurrence has become more and more common, as the perpetrators of elder abuse are often involved in the elder’s life and have positions of authority within it.

However, elder citizens of Mississippi should be aware that besides the various organizations and resources available to help, there are also stringent penalties for elderly abuse.

Financial Elder Abuse Mississippi: Resources

The various agencies that Mississippi employs are set up to discreetly and professionally investigate reports of elder abuse and intervene if deemed necessary. The best offices to contact for any type of elder abuse are the Mississippi Vulnerable Persons Act or the Mississippi Office of the Attorney General. They both have toll-free numbers and helpful associates that can either help you directly or get you the contact information you need to receive the proper care.


Contact the office of the Mississippi Department of Human Services for assistance. Under the power of the Mississippi Vulnerable Persons Act, they have the power to investigate and punish those that have committed crimes against vulnerable persons.