Protecting from Caregivers and Elder Abuse

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It’s no secret that thousands of elderly abuse cases come from caregiving facilities and homes. It’s so easy for these caregivers to take advantage of the most vulnerable because they often don’t get caught. Many elderly are either unaware of elder abuse or simply don’t want to cause trouble for these people in positions of power, as they are the ones that ultimately suffer.The most common reasons are for financial gain. These caregivers could be stealing valuables, influencing/ threatening ...

Billions Lost: The Long-Term effects of Elder Abuse

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A conservative figure of elder abuse cases, from MetLife studies, suggests that the number of elderly suffering some type of abuse is about 1 in 6 in the United States. The most common form of elder abuse relates specifically to financial abuse. People close to the victim or in roles of power often influence the elderly to willingly or unwillingly relinquish their savings. In many other cases, people in caretaking positions neglect the elderly and pocket money that would otherwise go to medicati...

Common Culprits of Elder Abuse

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You might be surprised to learn it’s not the typical their or mugger that commits elder abuse. In fact, the culprit is usually a close friend or relative of the victim. The spouse or adult children of elder abuse victims have easy access and can easily manipulate the situation for personal gain. While you may not see elders being physically abused by their family and friends, you’ll often see financial manipulation. It’s easy for people in close relationships to gain access to the victim’s finan...

Preventing Elder Neglect

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To prevent elder neglect you must first understand what that term means. Elder neglect is the willful act of ignoring hygienic and even health related issues surrounding and an elderly person that's under someone’s care. Whether it’s a facility care attendant looking after someone or a family member, anyone who neglects an elderly person under their care is violating the law. People responsible for the elderly are also liable for ensuring comfortable and healthy living conditions. While neglect ...

Lowering Risk of Elder Abuse

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It’s been reported that around 10% of the elder population (65 and up) have suffered some form of physical, mental, financial, or sexual abuse. These studies have also shown that the elderly women are more at risk than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to financial and physical abuse. There are a few factors that can increase or decrease your probability of abuse, some of which you can easily change yourself. Read the list below to learn more about the factors that can increase y...